I Like MUSIC But Not Some of That OTHER Stuff!

ElectricBassGuitarPlayerOK I’m old.  I admit it.  But I have been raised in a house of music my whole life.  While I tend to be drawn to classic rock, I listen to hard rock or metal, country rock, country, jazz, instrumentals of all types, orchestral music, pop and some alternative music.  Some of you are probably noticing a gap or three right there.  Yes that’s right.

I don’t want to sound like someones father (but I am) …. “I remember back in naught three when I had to walk 72 miles to school in the snow, but now you young hippies want a new Camaro with the big V8 to drive your lady friends to school in the 4th grade.  What’s this world coming to?”

Sorry, but I can’t handle but just a little hip hop. And rap while I agree is a talent form I liken it more to poetry than music.  Certainly it takes talent to come up with the stories and the rhymes, but that is about where it ends for me.  I can only watch a screaming 300 lb guy with pants around his knees with his underwear showing so long before I have to change the channel.

Musical thugs like Kanye West (could he be less relevant?), Chris Brown, and Eminem just don’t do much for me because I am about the MUSIC.  Not the lyrics as much.

And I certainly don’t want to hear a bunch of cop killin’, drug sellin’, bling, bling, booty shakin’ lyrics.  I prefer the much more refined lyrics of “She loves you yea, yea, yea.”  Or maybe America’s epic Horse with No Name “In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain”.  “Aint no one for to give you?”  REEEALLY? 🙂

OK it is pretty obvious I am a hypocrite.  There I said it.

So be warned that while I respect everyone’s right to like rap music (even though they are wrong) 🙂 I won’t be covering that here.  Sorry if you are fan.

Not much on the dance/trance craze music either.  Chung, chunga, chung, chunga, chung for just slightly less than 4 hours straight.  I like rhythms.  I like music LOUD.  So that is not the problem.  I guess I burned out on disco years ago and didn’t like it then.

Boy I am picky for a guy who claims to like music. Hehe…

With all that being said, what you will find here are miscellaneous ramblings about various forms of music, particular songs I either find fascinating or maybe offensive.  I will cover the recording scene to a degree and certain instruments such as guitars and the musicians that play them.

The beauty of music is that it is personal.  We each have types we like and types we don’t.  Nobody is right or wrong.  What speaks to YOU is right for YOU.  I feel sorry for you if the song is about “cop killers” or whatever, but wish you well.

I find music for me falls into 2 basic categories.  Uplifting/inspiring and depressing.  When I write music it tends to come from either extreme highs or lows.  I find myself inspired to write at either end of the emotional roller-coaster.  In that regard, I can say that probably relates to rap music also.

Perhaps MOST styles of music can relate to this.  Dance music is usually upbeat and happy.  The blues music is about…well…the blues, misery and sadness.  It is harder to interpret in the orchestral types of music but power, softness and emotions do come through quite easily.

The point being music is an expression of emotion like most art forms.  Whether it is a painting, a ballet, a sculpture, or whatever, you will find at its roots emotion.

We humans are emotional creatures.  We can’t help it.  We couldn’t change it if we tried.

So please, go listen to the music.  Let the emotions wash over you.  Enjoy it, even if you listen to some of that “other stuff”!

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